2HAL 512 O/Nighter

2HAL 512 O/Nighter

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Freedom Horse Floats & Goosenecks Pty Ltd T/As Peaceland Horse Floats & Goosenecks  – Warranty

  1. Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

(a) Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the ACL. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

  1. Additional Warranty

(a) This additional warranty applies in addition to any warranties under the ACL, and applies to manufacturing defects relating to workmanship or materials only. This additional warranty is subject to the conditions and limitations set out in these terms.

(b) For two (2) years from the date of delivery, Freedom Horse Floats will provide a warranty in relation to;

(i) Structural – Chassis Frame and flooring;

(c) For one (1) year from the date of delivery, Freedom Horse Floats will provide a warranty in relation to the following:

(i) Axles;

(ii) Suspension;

(iii) Coupling;

(iv) 12-volt electrical circuits and components;

(v) Factory OEM Paint (except custom or metallic paint); and

(vi) All parts not listed as a one-year warranty item.

(vii) Wheel bearings;

(viii) Reverse assist and internal cameras;

(ix) Jockey Wheels;

(x) Break-away battery;

(xi) Custom or metallic paint; and

(xii) Any options

(d)The following items are excluded from the additional warranty:

(i) stone chips or accidental damage to paintwork.

(ii) components supplied by third parties who are required to provide a separate warranty to the Customer (for example, 240-volt electricity supply that is warranted by a licensed electrician).

(iii) consumable items such as tyres, light globes, batteries, padding, rubber floor or mats, bearings (except wheel bearings), bushes and other similar items;

(iv) conditions or malfunctions resulting from normal wear and tear on any component;

(v) modified, abused, neglected, or excessively worn goods or goods that have become damaged or defective as a result of excessive use;

(vi) rust or corrosion resulting from chemical, acid or saltwater contamination of the goods;

(vii) damage caused by horses or their handling in and around the float, including but not limited to chewing on or scratching the float, or the use of feed buckets or hay nets in or attached to the float;

(viii) repairs attempted or made by the Customer or a third party without the prior written consent of Freedom Horse Floats;

(ix) failure of the Owner or operator to comply with the Operating and Maintenance Manual;

(x) vandalism;

(xi) direct or consequential loss arising out of the defect, including but not limited to inconvenience, loss of profit, cost of replacement or alternative floating, or accommodation;

(xii) usual maintenance of any type;

(xiii) accidental damage of any kind, and however occurring;

(xiv) any defect that does not arise from workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the goods;

(xv) the costs associated with any independent inspection obtained by the Customer; and

(xvi) any items not specifically included in clause 3(b) or 3(c) above.

(e) Any defects will be repaired or replaced at the election of Freedom Horse Floats.

(f) To the fullest extent permitted by law, this additional warranty is not transferrable to subsequent purchasers of the goods from the Customer.

  1. Warranty Conditions

(a) To the fullest extent permitted by law, the warranties referred to in these terms and conditions are subject to the conditions set out in this clause.

(b) If the Customer believes that a defect has arisen in the goods, then the Customer must cease using the goods immediately and notify Freedom Horse Floats of the defect in accordance with clause 4.

(c) Freedom Horse Floats will not be required to honour or fulfill a warranty claim in the following circumstances:

(i) if the Customer continues to use the goods after becoming aware of a defect, and that continued use is reasonably likely to have exacerbated the defect;

(ii) if the Customer does not comply with the warranty claim procedure in clause 5;

(iii) if the Customer arranges for a third party to repair any defects without the prior written consent of Freedom Horse Floats;

(iv) if the Customer does not provide proof of regular maintenance and service in accordance with the Operating and Maintenance Manual upon request;

(v) if the Customer does not provide original proof of purchase from Freedom Horse Floats;

(vi) if the Customer does not provide any of the information reasonably required by Freedom Horse Floats to assess whether a defect exists or is subject to a warranty;

(vii) if the goods are modified by the Customer;

(viii) the goods are not maintained in a condition that is compliant with the requirements for registration for use on a public road, or become unregistered or insured for any reason;

(ix) if the goods have been affected by a severe weather event, such as flooding;

(x) if the goods are involved in an accident, or are otherwise written off; or

(xi) if the goods are used for a commercial purpose.

  1. Warranty Claims

(a) In order to make a warranty claim regarding a defect, the Customer must notify Freedom Horse Floats in writing as soon as reasonably possible, using the following contact details:

Customer Service: Freedom Horse Floats & Goosenecks Pty Ltd

22 Ace Crescent

Tuggerah NSW 2259

Phone: 0401 315 158

Email: scott@peaceland.com.au

(b) The Customer must provide Freedom Horse Floats with all information that is reasonably requested in relation to the defect, including but not limited to written description of the defect and photographs.

(c) The Customer must deliver the goods to Freedom Horse Floats upon request in order to have the defect inspected and/or repaired. The Customer must not raise any claims, objections, or other disputes arising out of the need to transport the goods to Freedom’s location.

(d) The goods may only be delivered to a third party for inspections and/or repair at the direction of Freedom Horse Floats, which may be giving or withheld in Freedom Horse Floats absolute discretion.

(e) The Customer agrees that any inspections or repairs can be carried out by either Freedom Horse Floats, or Freedom Horse Floats authorised representative, and that no objections will made in relation to this.

(f) warranty inspection, approval and/or repair is at cost to the Customer unless agreed otherwise by Freedom following inspection.

(g) All floats must be in a clean condition, free from any manure, urine and stable straw or rubbish before warranty inspection or work will take place.

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